Knowledge Diffusion in Dentistry

PI: Julia Melkers
Co-PI’s: Diana Hicks and Kimberley Isett (UDel)

The transfer of research-based knowledge brings new knowledge and evidence to practice in multiple settings. For clinical professions, new knowledge can have immediate impact on clinical care. Yet, in the under-studied profession of dentistry, little is known about how research results diffuse across the profession, and how clinicians assess evidence-based sources. This study characterized and examined the structure, content, and pathways of clinical information in the dental information ecosystem, including how clinicians form information networks to access information that addresses clinical uncertainties. Given newly emerging products relevant to oral health, the project also gave attention to disruptive events that impact knowledge and information diffusion through a focus on alternative nicotine products (ANPs). The study involved a national survey of clinical dentists and hygienists, web-scraping and related text analysis, and a series of focus groups.   

Funding: NIH PBRN (National Dental Practice-Based Research Network) 

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* = student author

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