Evaluating the VIP- Vertically Integrated Projects Program

Evaluation Leads: Julia Melkers and Gordon Kingsley

The ROCS team has been involved with the GT-based Vertically Integrated Projects Program since its inception at Georgia Tech. In VIP, teams of undergraduate students work on diverse teams (student year and discipline) on projects that build on faculty and graduate student research interests, earning academic credit. Through this experience they explore interests and gain technical and other team skills.  

The ROCS team was involved in assessing the student experience as the program grew initially within Georgia Tech, and eventually across the globe. The ROCS team led the evaluation of the development of the VIP Consortium, which expanded adoption of the VIP curricular model to more than 25 institutions in the U.S. and in other countries. Funded by the Helmsley Family Foundation, the evaluation involved collaboration with the University of Michigan and University of Idaho in assessment faulty and student experiences. 

Click here to go to the VIP site: https://www.vip.gatech.edu/ 

Project Publications 

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